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Storage Supplies in Bonita Springs Florida

Storage Supplies in Bonita Springs

Our Storage Supplies section can help make your job easier. Moving and storing your things can be a major project. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Having the right tools and supplies can help the job go smoothly. We will help you learn the tricks and techniques that the professional movers use. Feel free to stop by or give us a call about questions you have that relate to your specific project. We have helped a lot of people over the years with a wide variety of moves. We have put our storage supplies into sections to make it easier to find what you need for your project. Below is a summary of the major supply categories. Follow the links to pages with more detailed information. And again we welcome you to stop by or give us a call with your comments and questions.

Moving Boxes

Matching the right size moving box to the job will make your job easier and offer the best protection to your belongings. Moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Heavy things are best packed in smaller boxes. This keeps them from being too heavy to lift and less likely to crush. Lighter or more bulky items go in larger boxes.

Dish and Glass Boxes

Dish and glass boxes are a little more specialized. Dividers offer additional protection and ease of packing. Foam pouches or wrapping paper help protect against chipping and breaking. Some boxes are double walled for extra strength and protection. See our packing tips page for addition tips.

Mattress Bags

Mattress bags protect against dirt, dust and water damage to your mattress or box springs while moving to or from storage. Mattress bags come in a number of sizes to match the size of your bed. Some people also use mattress bags to protect their mattress or box springs at home during a hurricane. That may be unique to our area, but is low cost protection you may want to consider if you are in a hurricane area. We also have bags to protect your sofa, chairs and pictures.

Picture and Mirror Boxes

Picture and mirror boxes make packing easy. There are multiple sized boxes and adjustable boxes so it can be handy to make a list of the different size pictures you have. We also have E Z Pack corner protectors and bubble wrap® to offer additional protection for your artwork, mirror and other wall items. Plastic picture pouches can be used when you don't need the protection of a picture or mirror box.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes can make it quick and easy to pack your closet. Your clothes can go directly from the closet into the wardrobe box staying right on the hangers. Just reverse the process when moving back into your new home. Wardrobe boxes are also great for keeping seasonal items in storage. This will free your closet space making it easier to find what you are looking for. These are available in three sizes and include the wardrobe bar.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap® has lots of uses. Mostly we sell it to help people protect their fragile items. Some people just like to pop the bubbles for fun or stress relief. Bubble wrap® is great for protecting pictures before putting them in a picture box. Damage is often caused by items shifting when there is empty space in a box. Bubble wrap® is lightweight and helps fill the empty voids in a box to prevent shifting and damage. It also absorbs shock to prevent damage to fragile items.

Tape/Stretch Wrap

Tape and stretch wrap hold things together. Packing tape is great for sealing your moving boxes. We have clear packing tape which can also be used to cover and protect labels. Our self adhesive paper tape is great for box sealing. It won’t stretch and is easy to tear without using a dispenser or scissors. Some things that you need to hold together could be damaged by the adhesive in the tape. For these things we suggest stretch wrap. Wrap an object in stretch wrap and then put tape over it. That keeps the adhesive from making contact with the sensitive item. It is also great for wrapping around dressers to keep the drawers closed while moving. Some people will wrap sofas or mattresses with stretch wrap.

Wrapping Paper

Our 10 lb box of wrapping paper can make your life easier and help protect your valuables. If you use newspaper the ink can transfer onto the items you are wrapping. Using clean, white wrapping paper prevents this. Crumpled up it makes a shock absorbing cushion or can help fill up empty space. It is perfect for wrapping dishes, glasses and other breakable items.

Moving Supply Shopping List

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Storage Supplies


Storage Supplies
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