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Tape and Stretch Wrap for Moving and Storage

Strecth Wrap and Tape

Tape and Stretch Wrap for Moving and Storage
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Tape and Stretch Wrap for Moving and Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Tape and Stretch Wrap for Storage

Tape and Stretch Wrap are used for holding things together. The difference is how they do the holding. Tape has adhesive that makes it stick to whatever it touches. Stretch wrap or stretch tape only adheres to itself. Each has its place in the moving process.

Clear Packing Tape

Packing Tape has a plastic type backing with an acrylic self adhesive. This is the most popular for sealing cartons. This tape comes in tan and clear. We suggest clear as it can also be used to put over labels and room markings you may have added to your boxes. You typically find this type of tape in three grades. Standard is 1.7 mil, Heavy Duty is 2.0 mil and Extra Heavy Duty is 2.5 mil. We find the mid grade has great strength at a reasonable price. Our tape has a 3" core to fit standard tape dispensers.

Tape Dispenser

The Tape Dispenser makes it easier to apply and cut packing tape when sealing a carton. There is a handle for easy gripping. There is a roller to make it easy to press the tape against the box and get a good seal. The built in cutting blade quickly cuts the tape and you are ready for the next box. We have a 3 roll of tape value pack that includes a small tape dispenser.

Paper Tape

Paper Tape is great for sealing cartons. It doesn't stretch and is easy to tear by hand. This saves the cost of a dispenser. We suggest the self adhesive type. This has the glue ready to go, so there is no messy adding water to activate the glue. Just peel the tape off the roll and it sticks where ever you put it. Our tape has a 3" core to fit standard tape dispensers if you decide to use one.

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap is made from polyethylene plastic. It can be used to wrap boxes on a pallet. As you stretch it around the pallet, the plastic has memory and wants to pull back to its original size. That is how it holds your items together. This is sort of like a large rubber band. There is no adhesive to stick to or damage the items you are wrapping. Some people use stretch wrap to wrap furniture like mattresses and sofas. The larger 20" wide wrap may be better for this type of application. It may be better to use the smaller 5" wide stretch tape for bundling smaller items. Either can be used to wrap around things like dressers to keep the drawers closed during shipping. It is best to select film with an extended core to act as handles to make wrapping easier. This also avoids the cost of an expensive and heavy separate dispensing tool. 80 gauge is great for almost all do it yourself moving projects.

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Tape and Stretch Wrap for Moving and Storage


Tape and Stretch Wrap for Moving and Storage
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