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Truck Rentals near North Naples Florida

Truck Rentals near North Naples

Truck rentals may be your answer if you are doing the move yourself. Some truck rentals are only for local use or need to be returned to the place you rented the truck from. Some truck rentals may be dropped off at different locations or different states. We offer a Free Truck Rental with new storage move in. This is a great deal. Ask us about the details.

Truck Rentals Equipment and Other Costs

You need to be aware of all the costs when arranging a truck rental. There are often extra costs beyond the listed rental price. Many companies charge extra for furniture pads, two wheel dollies, furniture dollies, appliance dollies, tie down rope and other things you often need with a move. Some truck rental companies may have a mileage fee or fee if you exceed a certain number of miles. Allowing more than one drive may cost extra. Then you need to add the cost of the fuel. A lift gate is nice for heavy items, but usually costs extra and there may be limited availability. Some truck rental companies also offer car carriers and car dollies if you need to haul your car.

Truck Rentals Insurance

Check with your auto insurance to see if they cover truck rentals. Most insurance will cover rental cars but not rental trucks. Insurance included with your credit card may also have similar limitations, so be sure to check first. Various damage waivers may be offered for an extra fee.

Truck Rentals Driving Tips

Driving a rental truck can be different than driving the family car. Like driving any new vehicle it can take time to adjust. Here are a few things you may want to be aware of.

  • Backing up may be more difficult without windows to look through. Try to plan ahead to minimize the amount of backing up you need to do. Have someone guide you when you do need to back up.

  • Turning takes more room in a truck. Rental trucks are longer and wider than most cars. The box that extends beyond the rear tires will pivot during a turn. This could damage vehicles or buildings next to the truck if you try to turn too sharply.

  • Braking will take longer. Don't tailgate and braking early is recommended. Allow at least a 3 second space between you and the vehicle ahead. How does the 3 second rule work? Watch the vehicle in front of you as it passes a checkpoint, such as a driveway, parked car or sign. When the rear of that vehicle passes the checkpoint, start counting seconds (1001, 1002, 1003). Stop counting when the front of your vehicle crosses the checkpoint. If this took less than 3 seconds, increase your following distance.

  • Overhead Clearance may be an issue with trucks. Leave at least 14 feet of overhead clearance to be safe. Be aware of drive thru's, parking garages, low canopies, trees and other low clearance situations.

Truck Rentals Loading Tips

Proper loading of your rental truck will minimize the chance for damage to your belongings and make the most of the room you have. Safe lifting techniques should always be used. See our Lifting Tips page for more information.

  • Parking your truck as close to the building as is safe and doesn't block the road or other driveways will minimize your walking. Be sure to leave enough room to extend the loading ramp.

  • Lift Gates can be dangerous if you don't follow the instructions. Make sure you understand the instructions before using.

  • Large items such as appliances should be loaded first. Then load the larger furniture. Stack smaller, lighter items on top to fill the space.

  • Boxes should be loaded with the heaviest on the bottom. Stack lighter boxes on top. Stack all the way to the ceiling. Use smaller boxes to fill open spaces. This will help limit movement during transit and will minimize the damage caused by movement.

  • Mattresses, tables and sofas can stand on edge against the side of the truck. Tie them to the wall to secure them. Mirrors and pictures may be placed between the mattresses.

  • Secure your load so it doesn't shift in transit. Tying items to the walls can help. Packing the load so there is no open space for things to shift will also help. Make sure the doors are closed and securely latched before driving away.

Truck Rentals Links

Below are some truck rentals links that you may find useful.

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 Truck Rentals
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