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Storage Tips in North Naples Florida

Storage Tips for North Naples

The best storage tips that we can give you are plan, plan, plan, and label, label, label!  Whether you’re an experienced collector, a novice in training, or just need more room, your best storage tips are to plan and label your items. Though it may seem like a lot of extra work, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your items are accessible, findable, and well protected.

Access Aisles

To begin, decide whether or not you will need to access all of your items frequently.  If you will not need to access your items frequently, then you are free to pack up to the ceiling and as deep as you can go!  Otherwise, a nice little storage tip is to invest in a little extra space since the thing that you’ll need the most will most likely be on the bottom, in the back.  While it may not make a lot of sense to pay for storage space that you aren’t using, it can certainly save you a lot of time if you use your unit like a walk in closet.  In other words, pack your items along the sides and the back and leave the middle open. This way, you can walk amongst all of your items and categorize each box.  This will make finding important pieces virtually effortless, and it can save you from spending hours digging through your unit.

Heavy vs. Light Items

The following storage tips can be useful for everyone using self storage.  For instance, take note of the heaviest items that will need to be accessed the least frequently, and stack these in the back of your unit with the heaviest item on the bottom, and the lightest, or most fragile items on the top.  Using sturdy boxes, as opposed to free liquor store boxes or plastic bags, will insure the integrity of its contents and actually help you save space since the boxes will conform together and will be easier to stack than using bags.

Furniture and Clothing Storage

We suggest you wipe down your furniture with leather or wood polish before storing, and be sure to hang all of your clothing and bedding for best results.  If you do not have moveable hanging racks, wardrobe boxes are an excellent investment for the protection of your clothing and bedding.  Disassembling furniture and bed frames will save a lot of room, along with storing your sofas on end and stacking your chairs upside down on top of each other. Be careful with sleeper sofas as they can be extremely heavy and may be damaged when stored on end.

Nooks, Crannies and Microwave Ovens

And remember; look to find extra storage in the larger appliances or pieces of furniture that you may have to maximize your storage.  Dresser drawers can store your fragile items, and driers, laundry machines, ovens, and refrigerators can store boxes or other items. Should you store your couch flat, flip your love seat on top of it, and look to find storage in the nooks and crannies around it.  You’ll find that you can use all of the storage area around your furniture and appliances. Make sure you drain your refrigerators or washing machines hoses.

Although it seems like a lot of planning and labeling, you will not regret how easy it will be for you when you need to find something in your storage unit.  When you do eventually take everything out of storage, you will be even more grateful because it will be extremely simple for you organize your belongings.  We hope these storage tips are helpful for you. If you have any questions, please refer them to our helpful storage staff!

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Storage Tips
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