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Packing Tips

Packing Tips
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Packing Tips near North Naples Florida

Packing Tips for Storage

Here are some packing tips to help you maximize your storage space and save on boxes and packing materials.

Storage Boxes

Pack books flat to protect the spines, and do not pack fragile items with the books.

Fragile Items

Fragile items should be wrapped in wrapping paper or bubble wrap and then wrapped with clear, flat shrink wrap.  The shrink wrap will reduce the likelihood of breaking your fragile items when unwrapping since it will be easier to unravel than duct tape or packing tape.

Bubble Wrap

Do not wrap bubble wrap directly around wood furniture or oil paintings.


Be sure to use protective covers and treat wood before storage.


Dish Pack Kits and Glass Kits contain dividers and foam pouches, thus providing a very safe manner in which to store your dishes and glasses.  Packing Paper should be used to fill in any open space to reduce the risk of bouncing or breaking. Each glass, dish, and bowl should be individually wrapped.

Shredded Paper

When you load any box with packing filler, it will be easier if you use shredded paper as opposed to Styrofoam peanuts since shredded paper can be swept off of the floor much more easily than peanuts. When you unload the box, be sure to unload over tile or wood floor!


All appliances should be cleaned before storing.  The advantage of storing large appliances is that they act as extra storage themselves!  Pots and pans if properly packaged can be stored in ovens, and refrigerators and freezers. Be careful not to damage any exposed lights or refrigeration coils. Stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers can also be used to help you maximize your storage in the fact that boxes and containers can be stored on top of them to help you go vertical with your storage and use all of the space available to you.


Use skids or wood pallets to prevent any moisture damage and be sure to store on a flat surface.  Remove table legs if possible, break down all bed frames, and store couches on end to save space in your unit.  You can use dresser tops to go vertical with your storage and drawers to hold linens and such.

Garage Items

Be sure to clean all metal surfaces of your tools, bicycles, and equipment with a rag and some machine oil to prevent rusting.  For your large yard tools, bundle them and place in a trash can for easy storage.  If you are storing any mechanized equipment be sure to drain fluids to prevent corrosive damage.

Holiday Decorations

Wrap Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard so they do not get tangled, and save all the original packaging for your delicate ornaments.  Then, line a box with packing paper and store in a specifically marked box.

Linens & Clothing

These should all be cleaned before storage and hung for best care.  Wardrobe boxes are available in the front office for this purpose.  If you choose not to use a wardrobe box, all linens and clothes should be carefully folded and placed either in boxes or drawers for convenient storage.

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Packing Tips
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