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Local Movers near North Naples Florida

Local Movers near North Naples

A local move is usually considered to be within a 100 mile radius of your current location. Moving can be a lot of work. Having experienced help can make it easier. Moving can be expensive. The more things you can do yourself, the less expensive your move will be. Moving companies usually charge by the hour for local moves. You can hire help for all or part of the move depending on your needs and your budget. Decide which parts of the move you will need help with. The information below will give you some thoughts and ideas. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions. We may be able to offer additional tips based on the details of your move. We can also let you know if we have any experience with the mover you are considering.

Selecting a Local Mover

  • Getting referrals from friends who have had a good moving experience can be one way to select a local mover.

  • Are they licensed and insured?

  • Asking for references is a good idea.

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they list anything that may be a problem.

  • Ask if they have the equipment and experience to move large or special items like a piano, pool table, hot tub or other item if that will be a part of your move. Does this cost extra?

  • Ask if they charge extra for stairs.

  • Ask if they charge extra if the distance from the truck is over 75 feet or some other distance.

  • What size is their truck? You don't want to pay for extra labor required for multiple trips if the truck is too small.

  • Ask if the mover uses full-time employees or day laborers.

  • Ask how they handle lost or broken items.

  • Is insurance included? What does it cover?

  • Do they charge by the hour or by weight?

  • Do they charge extra for time traveling to or from your location?

Packing and Unpacking Help

Packing your own belongings will save you money. Remember that a local mover will not usually pay for damage to something in a box that you packed yourself. Some people will pack the less fragile items like books, pots & pans, clothing, linens and such themselves. They then have the local mover pack the more delicate and fragile items. Reducing the number of things you need to pack and move will save you money. Have a yard sale or donate unneeded items to charity before you move. The local mover can help you unpack your belongings once you get to your destination if you need the help. You may also want to consider finding a local helper to help you pack or unpack.

Your Truck or Their Truck

If you use a local mover for most of the move, they usually supply their own truck. Make sure the truck is large enough so you don't end up paying extra labor for multiple trips. If this is more of a self move with more limited help from the local mover, you will likely be supplying your own truck. Call and ask us about our Free Rental truck program for move-ins or check the rates from several truck rental companies to see who has the best rates for the things you will need. Remember that truck rental companies often charge extra for things like insurance, mileage charges, blankets, dollies and other items.

Loading and Unloading the Truck

Local movers will load their own trucks. Then they drive the truck to your destination. Then they unload when they get to your destination. If this is more of a self move, you may hire the local mover to load your truck. Maybe you are doing most of the work yourself, but need help with the heavy items. You may be able to hire a helper from the local mover. The helper's experience could help you load your items so there is less chance of damage while in transit. Day labor or student help may be cheaper, but you lose the experience that a local mover should have. You would then drive to your destination. There could be good savings if the drive is longer. Driving yourself would save very little if the move was nearby. You may hire a different crew to unload your truck if the destination is far away. Check for local movers in the destination town that may offer that kind of help. Give us a call, Bonita Storage Inn may be able to make some recommendations on local helpers.

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Local Movers
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