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Hurricane Storage Tips

Hurricane Storage Tips

Hurricane Storage Tips
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Hurricane Storage Tips
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Hurricane Storage Tips near North Naples Florida

Hurricane Storage Tips for North Naples

Thank you for visiting our Hurricane Storage Tips section.  These quick tips can help you and your family plan for your survival and the protection of your items, but please be sure to do extensive research on this topic to make sure that the hurricane survival plan you choose best fits your family.

Contact Person

If you have much of your family in state, the first thing to do is to ask an out of state friend or relative to be the family contact.  Since long distance lines will most likely be open before local lines, the family can use this person as a contact to be able to meet up after a disaster in the worst case scenario.

Secure Loose Items

Next, you will want to secure a plan to protect your home.  Many people choose to bring their outdoor items such as patio furniture, pool toys, barbeque sets, etc along with many other inside items that need protection to self storage.  If this is not for you, be sure to bring your patio furniture inside, secure all fruit from trees, and anything else that could be considered a projectile during high mile per hour winds.  If you do not have hurricane shutters, you may want to board up windows and glass doors to protect your home.

Safe Shelter

Alert your family and conduct practice runs to an interior room in the house that is strong, sturdy, and does not have any windows.  Practicing this with your children will make them feel more comfortable in case of an emergency.  If you have an older house with a low hurricane rating or live in a mobile home, be sure to figure out where your nearest Hurricane Evacuation Center is.  One of the closest ones to Bonita Storage Inn is the Estero Recreation Center on Corkscrew Palms off of Corkscrew Road.

Survival Kit

The next most important thing is to have a hurricane survival kit prepared for every person in your family; this includes your furry friends!  Be sure to have at least three days of clothes for each family member, and look online at sites that have kits for different sized families for hurricane survival.  If you plan to evacuate, check with your vet to see where you can keep your pets if they are not welcome at the hotel or shelter you plan to stay at.  We have many seasonal clients that store with us from the beginning of Hurricane Season until the end of it.  These tenants prefer to use units such as a 5x10 to store extra gallons of clean water, batteries, flashlights, generators, clean clothes, canned food, pet food, and assorted emergency supplies.  If you choose not to purchase a hurricane survival kit and not to use self storage for hurricane survival, please be sure to have a kit ready and packed in case of emergency.

Business Emergency Plan

For your business, assign responsibilities to your employees.  Have someone be in charge of regular computer back-ups as well as having extra data storage off site should a disaster hit.  Designate who will be responsible for protecting windows and securing all outside debris that could become an airborne missile.  If your business is in a flood zone, be sure to plan where you will go with your business materials and how you plan to move your materials.  At Bonita Storage Inn, we will be happy to help you store your items and protect your business.

Hurricane Links

National Hurricane Center
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Hurricane Storage Tips


Hurricane Storage Tips
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