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Bubble Wrap for moving and storage

Bubble Wrap for Storage and Moving

Bubble Wrap for moving and storage
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Bubble Wrap for moving and storage near North Naples Florida

Bubble Wrap Available near North Naples

Bubble Wrap® is actually a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (US). Many of us think of it as the generic term for cushioning plastic air bubbles to protect fragile items or to have fun popping the bubbles. This is a cushioning material made up of hemispheres of air trapped between thin layers of plastic. Protect your fragile items by wrapping them in layers of this material. It can also be used to fill the void space in boxes to prevent your items from moving while in transit. This unwanted moving is the major cause of damage to you items.

How Much Bubble Wrap Do I Need?

We carry the 1 inch size bubble which works for most packing needs. Our Bubble wrap® is 2 feet wide and comes on a long roll. Perforations are provided every foot which makes it easy to tear off the quantity that you want. We sell it by the foot. Buy it in our easy to handle 25 foot rolls or we are happy to customize a roll to the size you need.

Bubble Wrap Ease of Use

Our Bubble wrap® is good for large objects and filling voids in moving boxes. It can be used as a cushioning layer on the bottom of your moving boxes. This helps keep you object from moving around while in transit. It is great for wrapping pictures and artwork before putting into a Picture Box. Use this to wrap most of your fragile and breakable items to give them an extra layer of protection. The larger bubbles make filling the voids in packing boxes easier. Our Bubble wrap® is perforated every foot so it is easy and convenient for you to tear off a piece for wrapping your object. You will find Bubble wrap® is easily cut with a pair of scissors if you need a custom size.

Is the Bubble Wrap Working?

A quick test to see if you have packed your box well is to shake the box. If you hear noise or rattling, it is possible that damage could occur while the box is being moved.

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Bubble Wrap for moving and storage


Bubble Wrap for moving and storage
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