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Lifting Tips

Lifting Tips

Lifting Tips
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Lifting Tips near North Naples Florida

Lifting Tips

One of the most interesting Lifting Tips that we have ever heard came from a customer that told us she called her friends and told them that she was throwing a party.  When they arrived, she told them that she was throwing a moving party and had plenty of pizza, soda, and beer for them!  We thought this was a cute idea to save money on a move and get together with friends.  However, the rest of the tips will actually be tips to save your back pain and help to keep you out of the doctor’s office!

Lifting Tip #1

Check the Weight - Be sure to check each object before you attempt to lift it; just because an object is small, doesn’t always mean that it is light.  To do this, nudge the object with your hands or feet to see if it moves easily.  This is usually a good indicator of an object’s weight.

Lifting Tip #2

Secure the Load - If you can, make sure that the load you are about to lift is securely packed or strapped together.  When objects become loose mid-move, accidents can occur that can hurt not only your back, but your feet, hands, or other parts of your body.

Lifting Tip #3

Handles - Also, be sure to check for handles on objects.  Handles will allow you to move items more easily.  Make sure the handles are strong enough to be used for lifting. If you do not find any handles on the object, be sure that you have a tight grip and can hold and move the item with ease.

Lifting Tip #4

Use Your Legs - Be sure to do the work with your legs in conjunction with your arms, and don't arch your back.  However, lifting with your legs should only be done when you can straddle an object.  To lift with your legs, bend at the knees, not the back, in order to pick up the load. While lifting with your legs, it is imperative that you keep your back straight.

Lifting Tip #5

Don't Twist - Since hurried, jerky movements can put a strain on muscles in your back, move objects with slow, smooth movements and don't twist your body while moving the object; face it at all times.  Twisting can cause a great deal of back pain.

Lifting Tip #6

Carrying - When you carry an object, it is best to carry it between your shoulders and your waist; this will put more strain on your arms and shoulders as opposed to your back.

Lifting Tip #7

Warm Up - To avoid back pain, be sure to warm up and stretch your back, arms, and legs before lifting anything.  It is also important that you take small breaks between lifting large items, so pace yourself to be sure that you don't overdo it.

Lifting Tip #8

Avoid Obstacles - Observe the area that you are moving your items.  Make sure that you have dry, flat, even ground, and do not have a lot of things to step over.

Lifting Tip #9

Equipment - Perhaps most importantly, get help before lifting a heavy load, and see if you can use a dolly or something with wheels to help you move it.  Back belts can be helpful, but remember, it has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they can protect you from back injury.

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Lifting Tips
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